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What Does it Mean to be a Birth Mother?

What Does it Mean to be a Birth Mother?

Changing the View: Birth Mothers 

We’ve all heard the misconceptions about birth mothers, and it is time to turn the tide. We are here to focus on the truth and spread this message near and far that birth mothers are strong.  

What does it mean to be a Birth Mother? 

Being a birth mother means that there is love rooted at the heart of her adoption decision. The choice was weighed and measured, and the answer revealed the selflessness of a woman in selecting the best path towards a vibrant future for the child. The terminology, “give baby up for adoption” is not the true nature of her heart. She placed the child in a loving home with adoptive parents that she hand-selected to nurture and cherish the child that she brought into this world.  

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the way the world views birth mothers; but what if we rewrote the narrative? What if we could stand together and shout it from the rooftops that #BirthMotherStrong is real and beautiful and bold. What if we spread that this important decision takes courage and strength? If we united in the endeavor, we could change the way the community and even the world viewed adoption.

Our Message to Birth Moms everywhere: We see you. We are here for you. We support you. We know the decision to place your baby for adoption was difficult. We understand the emotions you are still going through. We believe in connection; you do not have to do this alone. We have built an amazing community of other strong birth mothers who share their own experiences and understand your adoption journey. Our resources are available to you.  

If you are a Birth Mom and would like to speak to someone today, please call us at (813) 384-2697.

If you are an Expectant Mom who is considering adoption, please call us at 1-800-GO-ADOPT. We can help. Our caseworkers will be by your side to educate you about all your options and assist you in creating an individualized adoption plan if you decide that is the right choice for you and your baby. We’re rooted in deeply to help you in every way possible, which includes having a network of professional and caring counselors to help support you pre and post-birth. Call us today and let us help guide you in making the best choice for your baby.

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