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The Matching Process – Tips on What to Include

The Matching Process – Tips on What to Include

The best way to get matched is obviously having your profile shown as much as possible. However, there are several pieces of content within profiles that Heart of Adoptions, Inc. believes can help make expectant moms’ decisions easier. Today, we’ll be going over what information is most important for waiting families to highlight in your adoption profiles.

First, let’s talk about the basics. It’s always important to demonstrate that you have the resources to raise a child. This means discussing your occupation, the demands of your work, your knowledge of the needs of a child and most simply, your desire to become a parent.

Secondly, you’ll need to really dig-in and try your best to paint a picture of your personality. It’s very rare that a birth mother ever gives us feedback on what about a certain profile made them choose it over the others. But they do tell us that, “something just stood out,” or that “something they mentioned made a connection.” These can be little things like hobbies, unique traditions or even just “likes and dislikes.” So, when writing your profile take some time to be specific about yourself, talk about your personality (Do you have a dry sense of humor? Or a silly sense of humor? Are you a Type A or Type B personality? Are you the organizer in the family? Or are you the spontaneous adventure type of person? etc)

Third, you should always talk about your home. When it comes to talking about your home, you’ll want to do your best to paint a picture of what it’s like to live in your home. Pictures certainly help, but what you’ll want to explore is the feeling that your home gives off (What feeling does the design of your home invoke? Is it cozy? Is it simple and modern? Does it make you feel welcome? Does it reflect your personalities or life journey?). You’ll also want to highlight the special moments you may share with others in your home or community (What holidays are hosted in your home? What fun things do you do with neighbors? What events do you look forward to in the community-at-large?). Those are the types of things that pictures don’t always illustrate as well as words.

Finally, it’s always recommended that you talk about your family and support circle. You don’t need to have a big family to write a good chapter, you just need to think about what makes your family unique. Expectant parents want to find something in this chapter that they can either relate to or something that they don’t feel they can give to a child, but want to. For example, you could talk about unique family traditions – Christmas traditions, Fourth of July celebrations, or how you spend your Memorial Day are good examples. You’ll also want to talk about the support and love your family gives to you. If you eat dinner with your extended family every week, that’s a great thing to mention. If your family is the kind that comes over and helps you with DIY projects, write that down. It’s actions like those that demonstrate a strong familial connection.

In the end, the most important thing about your adoptive parent profile is that you are honest and sincere. Humans are an interesting species. We all have a pretty good, inherent lie-detector. And people can tell when you’re not being honest or sincere. So, write from the heart, don’t compare your journey to someone else’s and recognize that the reader is going through something that may prove to be the toughest journey they ever take. Have empathy and show care. The matching process is never easy, but in the end, it’s always worth the wait.

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