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The Wisdom Of Pandas

The Wisdom Of Pandas

To beat the heat several of the theaters offer free summer kids movies.  They are usually a few years old.  But they provide a huge screen experience and all the air-conditioned fun you can handle for 2 ½ hours.

Last week my kiddo and I went to one of our favorite movie, Kung Fu Panda 3.  It’s a favorite for a lot of reasons.  The animation is beautiful.  It’s funny and full of really cute pandas.  But it’s one of my favorites because it such a great adoption movie.

In this movie, Po’s biological father, Li, comes back to find Po.  They have a sweet reunion, and Li thanks Mr. Ping, Po’s adoptive dad, for raising Po.

Po leaves on a quest of sorts with his biological father and Mr. Ping goes along as a stow away, because he is worried that the biological father will replace him. By the end of the movie the two dads come together over the love of their son.

Mr. Ping says that he was worried that Li was going to take Po away from him.  Then he says having Li around, “…doesn’t mean less for me… it means more for Po”

It’s such a beautiful picture of an open adoption. Seeing this movie before the Father’s Day weekend was a cute example of two dads working together or their son.


One of my other favorite adoption lines also comes from Mr. Ping in the second King Fu Panda Movie. “And then I made the decision that would change my life forever.  To make my soup without radishes, and to raise you as my own son. My Po, my little panda.  And from that moment on both my soup and my life have been that much sweeter.”



These movies are a great idea for family movie night. It’s amazing how much adoption wisdom you can get from a cartoon adoptive father.

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