Letters to Heart of Adoptions

"My husband and I chose Heart of Adoptions to handle our domestic, private adoption in 2010. After researching several agencies, we felt confident that Heart of Adoptions would be an amazing resource and partner in this journey to finding our second child. They more than blew away our expectations. We are based out of Orlando, and the girls in the Orlando office were ALWAYS there to answer our questions. No question was ever too small or insignificant. Calling their office felt like calling a good friend. Nicole Moore, our lawyer at the office, still remains a common point of contact for everyday questions that occur, even now that we've been finalized for over a year! There is nothing they wouldn't do or research to get you the answers you need. I also feel that they care very much for ALL parties involved. It's easy to feel like there is more concern for the birth mom than there is for the adoptive parent at many agencies. But I feel like they know what it means to be on the other side of an adoption, and I don't feel they would ever let an adoptive parent be taken advantage of. I would recommend them a million times over to my friends, family, and ANYONE who is considering an adoption… they are simply the best!"

-Jenn and Cory

"Since our experiences to adopt, up to the time of contacting your agency, had not been good at all, it was a welcome relief to have someone in our corner working with us to complete our family. If we can ever be of any help as a contact reference for your agency, we would be more than happy to do so. Again, thank you and all of your staff for making our dream come true with the adoption of our daughter."

-Angie and Todd

"We hope that you are aware of the caliber and character of your staff and co-workers, but we wanted you to know that we are thrilled with the service that you offer and we will be repeat clients in the future. Thank you so much for fulfilling a dream. You and your agency have made us a family."

-Luke and Becky

"There are so many of you that had a huge impact on completing our family. I am amazed at how smoothly you all orchestrated together. Thank you for helping us through the difficult moments in such a wonderful and professional way!"

-Janet and Chet

"We are so blessed to have two healthy and happy children, and feel privileged to have been able to be with them from the day they were born. We know you receive many thank you letters, but we just want you to know how much we appreciate the Heart of Adoptions staff members who facilitated the formation of our family and the lawyers who have represented us in both adoptions."

-Robert and Martha

"This morning I am holding my 16 month old daughter in my arms as she sleeps. Looking down at her beautiful little face, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be her mother.  I awake sometimes to pick her up out of her crib in the morning to hear her little voice excited saying mama, it melts my heart! ! I thank God for the day I decided to come in to Heart Of Adoptions! I often think of everyone who has went on our journey in helping us be parents again. Thank you so very much... you will be in my heart forever!"

-Kelly and Jimmy

"I just had to write and tell you what a positive experience we have had with your agency. After almost two years of trying unsuccessfully to have a baby, in the end of February of this year I was approached by an acquaintance, and asked if my husband and I were interested in adopting her friend's baby.... As for my husband and I we still cannot believe that in just a few short months we have become the proud parents of a beautiful little girl, and it has honestly cost us less than an IVF cycle.

It has really been a miracle. From a professional standpoint [as a social worker and an attorney], we both are amazed at how quickly the agency takes care of everything. We have both dealt with many adoptions, and many adoption agencies and yours, by far, has exceeded all expectations. Your staff is exceptional, and whenever I hear of anybody looking into adoption I always tell them please call Heart of Adoptions they are ready to take that step."

-Kirsten and John

"The adoption process can be a very intimidating and daunting endeavor for couples who wish to start or add to their family. As prospective adoptive parents, the unfamiliar process of adoption, coupled with the possibility of the unknown, can trigger many questions that are unique to each situation. For my wife and me, adoption was the culmination of an emotional, 8 year journey to have a family that included children. We had done research to determine our agency options and had visited at least one other agency in the area before we discovered Heart of Adoptions. I can remember how relieved I was when I received the phone call from my wife telling me that she had found a great agency that "was a perfect fit."  We could not have dreamed of a better experience and wholeheartedly recommend HOA to other families considering adoption."

-Molly & Brad

"We used you with both of our adoptions. I again, want to thank you for all of your help and for making our family complete! You are the best! I always try to spread the word about you and your agency! You are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

-Janet C.

"We want to send our deepest thanks for working with ourfamily on the adoption of my birth-daughter."

-Melissa & Family

"We have been extremely impressed with their professiosnlism, their care & attention, and their excellence at what they do- we would absolutely return to them for another adoption and are SO thankful for the many ways they worked to expedite & attend to the needs of our case. Because of our experience with Heart od Adoptions and the team there, we can confidently recommend the agency to others hoping to grow their families through adoption!"

-Can & Sarah

"It has been an emotional journey and learning experience amd it turned out so wonderful!! We really appreciate your help through the process."

-Jodie & Jeff

"The positive aspects I experienced during my adoption process with this agency was everything I needed, I received immediately. Same for the questions, if there was anything I wanted to know about all I had to do was ask and I shortly recieved my answers. I loved the fact that with the agency I controlled what kind of family I wanted my child to be a part of."


I love logging onto Child Connect and waiting for my next update! I loved every bit of my experience during my baby's adoption. I loved that the adoption agency found me exactly the family that I was hoping to find; they were everything I had dreamed of. I thought that when I gave my daughter up that I would be sad and unhappy, but I feel the exact opposite. I know that she is well being taken care of, and Heart of Adoptions is the reason why I go to bed happy every night.


Heart of Adoptions was a phenomenal adoption agency to work with. From the orientation meeting to the day our daughter’s adoption was finalized, we felt that HOA truly cared about us and our adoption journey. I found HOA to be an honorable agency which made every effort to match birth parents and adoptive parents in a way that was respectful for all.  In a profession where people’s lives and hearts are involved, it is of utmost importance that you feel/think that the agency is reputable, dependable, and compassionate. We never doubted that HOA possessed all three of these qualities… even through the hard times (when birthmothers changed their minds and chose to parent instead). The reality is, that in the realm of adoption there are no guarantees… but I truly believed throughout our entire process (from home-study, to waiting, to matching, to holding our baby girl for the first time) that HOA was there for us, assuring us that our child would come to us when the time was right. And she did.

-Wendi & Amy

 It is hard to believe that 26 months ago, my husband Scott and I were taking our first, tentative steps toward parenthood.  We were planning to "foster to adopt" through the State of Florida, when we were unexpectedly introduced to Heart of Adoptions.  We were met with enthusiastic encouragement and open arms right from the start!  We have felt nothing but complete support from everyone in the organization and can't say enough good things about Heart of Adoptions' courage and commitment to help us make our family a reality.

Our adoption story has been an amazing one (even to us), with unpredictable challenges, but even greater rewards.  We have such love and gratitude for the wonderful people who gave our children life, and we share that with our children every day.  Our children will know that their placements were a result of the abundant love that was felt for them by everyone involved, including the wonderful people at Heart of Adoptions.

We have nothing but love, respect and admiration for the men and women at Heart of Adoptions, and if you are looking for a way to create your own family, we recommend Heart of Adoptions to you without any hesitation.

-Jeff, Scott, & Family

Dear HOA,

A million times thank you! A few years ago, we could not have imagined that we would be the parents of two happy, healthy, beautiful children. Not only did the process of adoption seem treacherous and confusing, but we also faced (what we believed at the time) the additional challenge of being a same-sex couple in Florida.

Until recently, the law in Florida prevented us from moving forward with our plans to have a family.  Because of that we questioned: Who would choose us? Who would understand us? Who would acknowledge we were like every other loving couple in the world who wanted to start a family? Because our desire to start our family was so strong, we thought about moving to a state that would acknowledge us as a couple and permit us to adopt—a prospect that would undoubtedly prove to be very complicated, emotionally charged, and financially taxing on us.  

Needless to say, the odds seemed stacked against us, and at times we questioned if we would ever be blessed with a family.  Then the most wondrous thing happened: two cases prompted a change in Florida law, making it possible for us to adopt.  And when the law changed to permit same-sex adoption, Heart of Adoptions was the first call we made. 

We knew of the agency by reputation and felt that HOA would offer us the best chance for success.  We were not disappointed.  The staff proved to be compassionate, supportive, and well-versed on the particular challenges we might face.  To our complete surprise and absolute delight, we were matched with a birth mother within four months of completing our application.  The placement and adoption finalization for our son soon followed.  The birth and adoption of our daughter came about a year and a half later, and, to our amazement, was just as smooth. To say that we are the happiest we’ve ever been would still somehow be an understatement.  We feel truly blessed and grateful every day for our good fortune.  Thank you so much for helping us realize our dream!

Vilma and Kelly

-Vilma & Kelly

"We had a wonderful experience with Heart of Adoptions.  Adoption is a complicated process and Heart of Adoptions took care of everything, from giving us information before we decided on an agency, to matching us with our son's birth family, to finalization.  Everyone we spoke with at the agency really cared about us.  They were always fast to respond to either phone calls or e-mails and always answered our questions fully, honestly and quickly.  We truly believe that our son was meant to be part of our family, and Heart of Adoptions helped us find him."

-Andy & Sarah

I truly believe that the heavens gave three gifts the day our daughter was conceived.  The first gift was to her.  It was the gift that put her on the path to us.  A family who is absolutely and completely in love with her.  Who celebrates every milestone and works through every hiccup.  A family who can provide her with stability and opportunity.  The second gift was to us. She is the most treasured of gifts and we are so joyous to have her in our family.  Again, to articulate is difficult for me as she is so amazing and our feelings are so overwhelming.  The third is a gift to her birth mother.  I am not sure what this gift looks like but I know that she was shone down upon.  Perhaps the ability to move forward with her life, to make decisions that positively affect her future...I don't know.


Dear Gretchen, Nicole, Beverly, and Cara:

This is by far one of the most difficult thank yous I have ever had to write. I know in my heart each of you are truly unique, genuine, and some of the big hearted woman on the face of this earth!

I only know the voices of Cara and Beverly and was blessed with a few face to face meetings. I know in my heart Gretchen and Nicole put a lot of energy and effort into my case. I am thankful you ladies had the patience and knowledge to successfully handle Phillip. And you had the strength to shut down his ongoing manipulation. I know God will bless each one of your lives for saving a child from harms way, and placing him in loving arms with an abundance of opportunity.

I am forever greatful of compassion offered through my struggles while adopting my baby, and taking on my case so late in the game. Not only did you support and comfort me, you completed this successfully, and extremelt professional. I am so proud God led me to you, and I have so much peace with my choice. You ladies provided a perfect opportunity for me, and my child in a very crappy situation.

My words can not and will not ever fully express the gratitude I feel in my heart! I hope you feel my appreciation, and know your hard work, devotion, and professionalism have left a footprint on my heart FOREVER!

So from deep within my soul, Gretchen, Nicole, Cara, and Beverly- THANK YOU!