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Dear Gretchen, Nicole, Beverly, and Cara:

This is by far one of the most difficult thank yous I have ever had to write. I know in my heart each of you are truly unique, genuine, and some of the big hearted woman on the face of this earth!

I only know the voices of Cara and Beverly and was blessed with a few face to face meetings. I know in my heart Gretchen and Nicole put a lot of energy and effort into my case. I am thankful you ladies had the patience and knowledge to successfully handle Phillip. And you had the strength to shut down his ongoing manipulation. I know God will bless each one of your lives for saving a child from harms way, and placing him in loving arms with an abundance of opportunity.

I am forever grateful of compassion offered through my struggles while adopting my baby, and taking on my case so late in the game. Not only did you support and comfort me, you completed this successfully, and extremely professional. I am so proud God led me to you, and I have so much peace with my choice. You ladies provided a perfect opportunity for me, and my child in a very crappy situation.

My words cannot and will not ever fully express the gratitude I feel in my heart! I hope you feel my appreciation, and know your hard work, devotion, and professionalism have left a footprint on my heart FOREVER!

So from deep within my soul, Gretchen, Nicole, Cara, and Beverly- THANK YOU!

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