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Moore to Love Episode Two: 2 dads + 1 Adoption= A Family Full of Pride

Moore to Love Episode Two: 2 dads + 1 Adoption= A Family Full of Pride

Episode Two: Ben is a local celebrity and the King of comedy. Aaron is the genius behind the family. And Charlotte has them both wrapped around her little finger!

This amazing family is breaking down stereotypes about LGBTQ+ adoption, and sharing their adoption journey with Podcast Host and Board Certified Adoption Attorney Nicole Moore. Between discussing the legalization of gay marriage and adoption, Charlotte’s adorable viral TikTok video, Aaron’s wise advice, and Ben’s new gig as a stay-at-home dad, we know you’ll find Moore to Love about this amazing family.

Press play on the podcast player above to listen to their story of triumph and challenge this episode.

Viral Videos of Ben, Aaron & Charlotte:
Ben & Aaron Meet their Daughter for the First Time.

Who Are You and How Did You Find Me? TikTok Video

A Special Note: We want to send a HUGE Thank You to Aaron, Ben, and Charlotte for sharing their amazing story with all of us. Follow @EquityBen on Instagram to see more of this incredible family.

More About Podcast Host Nicole Moore:

Nicole MooreNicole Ward Moore is a Board Certified Adoption Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator who manages and operates the Orlando office. Nicole has been practicing with the firm since opening the Orlando office in 2005. Nicole practices exclusively in the area of adoption law throughout the State of Florida and in conjunction with out-of-state placements. Nicole also represents adoptive parents in adoption finalizations and represents several adoption agencies in private adoption placements. Nicole is also a member of the prestigious Academy of Adoption and Reproduction Attorneys, the Florida Adoption Council, the Orange County Bar Association, and the Florida Bar.

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