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The Yucky Side- from a Birth Mother's Perspective

Just so most know, I did keep my pregnancy a secret and didn't brag or talk much about it. Only because I knew I was placing baby girl. But there comes a point where people start to put one and one together and they just stop accepting that little cover up that you constantly use, be it close friends or family. I understand I never gave them a chance to grieve for the child I carried but honestly I felt because of my past I was tired of their judgmental thoughts and always counting on my next mess up in life to be thrown in my face.

New Service Being Offered! Your Adoption Finance Coach!

     It’s an exciting time here at the agency. Being the beginning of the year, we take the time to reflect on the work we have done in the last year, the families we had a hand in helping to grow, the annual photo cards we receive that show us how big children have gotten, but also, we take this time to reflect on what families have asked us for and how we can offer them more or make things different in the coming year.

Happy National Adoption Month!

November is an exciting time for Heart of Adoptions.  It’s National Adoption Month.  This month was filled with events, give aways, and “Thank you’s” to all the adoption support we have in the community.  We want to take a minute look back on what has occurred during this exciting month. 

We kicked of the month by attending New Life Solutions Celebrate Life benefit dinner! Such a great organization! A packed house learned about the amazing way they serve women and families in the community.

Bitter Sweet Happiness- Shared blog from an adoptive mom!

2095 days.

It took me 2095 days  to finally becoming a mother.

2095 days. That's 299.43 weeks, 68.8 months and 5.74 years.

I did not picture it like this.
Normally you're pretty close in 9 months. In 40 weeks you are ready.
And hey, It was about 1 child only.
In these 68 months I could produce and give birth to a complete football team.
Unfortunately, it went differently. Sometimes things go like this.
Was it easy and would I do it again?
No. It was not easy and yes, I would do it again right away!

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