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A Picnic To Remember

A Picnic To Remember

As I reflect on our recent annual adoption picnic and all that it means to me, I am flooded with an immense sense of gratitude to be able to practice adoption law.

When people realize that I solely handle adoptions, I am often met with responses like, “You get to practice the happy law.” And while a law practice centered around building families is the most rewarding career I can think of, it does not come without the sacrifice made by these courageous birth mothers.

When these women make the selfless choice to give their child a better life, there is never a shortage of adoptive families to choose from. The annual picnic is a gathering of these families, all types of families, at all stages of adoption.

Last year, I met a couple that had just got on the agency waiting list and this year they came back with their baby. There were infants and toddlers and elementary aged students. There were different races of beautiful tiny humans. There were moms, dads, LBGTQ families, single parents, and extended family. There was diversity, there was inspiration, and there was lots of food.

Our cradle care family was also present, as a reminder that it takes a village.  Although the weather was less than ideal with rain and wind, the mood felt more like pure sunshine, blazing with positive vibes. The kids ran back and forth between the playground, zip line and pavilion, stopping to get their face painted or grab some cookie cake as they giggled and drew chalk pictures.

There were raffles, and introductions, and pictures of smiling happy people. Adoptive families met new friends, swapped stories and contact information, and connected in the comfort of the common theme that was shared throughout all of the attendees.

The theme of adoption, of love and of family.

The annual picnic is a vivid reminder of the fruits of our labor, true labor of love. The kind of love that is formed when strong women make brave choices.  It is these choices that result in the formation of incredible families. The opportunity to be a small part of that journey is a gift.

A gift I do not take for granted.

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