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A Complete Family For Christmas

My favorite holiday adoption memory comes from a few years ago. I don’t play favorites with my families (they are all so amazing!), but the couple I want to share about today has a special place in my heart. I was able to work with Paul and Cindy from start to finish on both of their adoptions.

Paul and Cindy had worked with us for their first adoption, and when it came time for them to adopt a second time, they were so excited to begin the process.

Sylvia's Favorite Christmas Morning Recipe

I wanted to share my favorite Christmas morning recipes!   I make it the night before and pop it in the oven before everyone wakes up.  The smell throughout the house is so yummy.  Then we get the coffee brewing and dive into French Toast Bake (Compliments of Pioneer Woman)


PREP TIME: 15 Minutes


COOK TIME: 1 Hours

SERVINGS: 8 Servings

French Toast

The Best Gifts Come in Small Packages

Earlier this month, we put up our Christmas tree.  As we were pulling out all our ornaments, we found a small wrapped box. Since the box was wrapped, we thought it was a gift from last year that we had forgotten to open. We opened it to find a precious surprise.

Happy National Adoption Month!

November is an exciting time for Heart of Adoptions.  It’s National Adoption Month.  This month was filled with events, give aways, and “Thank you’s” to all the adoption support we have in the community.  We want to take a minute look back on what has occurred during this exciting month. 

We kicked of the month by attending New Life Solutions Celebrate Life benefit dinner! Such a great organization! A packed house learned about the amazing way they serve women and families in the community.

Bitter Sweet Happiness- Shared blog from an adoptive mom!

2095 days.

It took me 2095 days  to finally becoming a mother.

2095 days. That's 299.43 weeks, 68.8 months and 5.74 years.

I did not picture it like this.
Normally you're pretty close in 9 months. In 40 weeks you are ready.
And hey, It was about 1 child only.
In these 68 months I could produce and give birth to a complete football team.
Unfortunately, it went differently. Sometimes things go like this.
Was it easy and would I do it again?
No. It was not easy and yes, I would do it again right away!


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