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Love Was The Common Thread

When you are offered an opportunity to travel half-way around the world, expenses paid, to get to meet families that you had a hand in helping to build as well as to meet families waiting to grow through adopting what do you do?? Oh- and where Dutch is the official language, but you only speak English…. well if you are me, you graciously accept and then you freak out! Why- well let me explain- in my 40+ years of life I have never had a passport- never really needed one and never really desired to have one either.

A Day to Celebrate No Matter What

The birthday of your child, how do you celebrate such a special day? The day your child was born? The day you probably got to hold him for the first time? And for a birth mom, it’s the day that you knew your child would not be going home with you.

A birth mom may find herself spending that day, that week, that month, reliving their time in the hospital. They might relive every last moment spent with their child. It can be a tough day.

A Mile in Their Shoes

My experience as an adoptive mother comes in to play a lot when dealing with our clients.  I got into this whole field as a way of giving back or saying “thank you.” There are no words to express our gratitude to our daughters’ birth moms for the amazing gifts they gave us in allowing my husband and I to adopt and raise their precious daughters. 

The Birthparents Bill of Rights

  1. We have the right to dignity and respect.
  2. We have the right to know if our surrendered child is alive and well.
  3. We have the right to possess, surrender, relinquishment, consent to adopt, termination of parental rights and hospital records pertaining to ourselves and our child.
  4. We have the right and obligation to provide full knowledge to our child of their origins, ethnic and religious backgrounds, their original name and any pertinent medical and social details.

Help Us Bless Our Brave Birth Moms

A family in Utah, whose heart was touched by adoption, decided to make something special to say “Thank You” to birth moms everywhere.  They created the Brave Box.  These beautiful wooden boxes are inscribed with the word “brave.” This is how they explain their decision:

Twenty-Five Years of Changing Lives

Last week, we all gathered in the conference room with whispered excitement. Sue’s husband and grandchildren were on the far side of the room. There was a hurried announcement of,” She’s coming!” And when the door swung open we all shouted, “Surprise!”
Sue laughed, sighed, and put her notary stamp away. We had gotten her good.

Sweet Haven

A few weeks ago, Heart of Adoptions was able to place a Safe Haven baby for adoption. The laws of Safe Haven are in place to provide new parents who cannot care for their child a safe way for them to surrender her newborn. Safe Haven is just that, a safe place, literally, figuratively, and legally.

A few weeks ago a mother made use of this protection and surrendered her little one to a Safe Haven.

The Wisdom of Pandas

Florida is hot.  Just. So. Hot.

To beat the heat several of the theaters offer free summer kids movies.  They are usually a few years old.  But they provide a huge screen experience and all the air-conditioned fun you can handle for 2 ½ hours.

Last week my kiddo and I went to one of our favorite movie, Kung Fu Panda 3.  It’s a favorite for a lot of reasons.  The animation is beautiful.  It’s funny and full of really cute pandas.  But it’s one of my favorites because it such a great adoption movie.

Gone Fishing: A Father's Day Story

My dad taught me an insatiable love of the outdoors, including fishing and boating.  I'm proud that as a grandmother of four at the ripe old age of 60+ I still have my boating license. I tease my husband, who I met at the age of 17, that he hit the jackpot by marrying a girl who already owned a boat! There are few things better than being out on the water.

Nearly every Saturday morning at the first hint of dawn, and for the better part of five years, my dad and I would load a johnboat into the Everglades in proverbial hunt of largemouth bass.

A Piece of Perfection

Children drop into your life.  Not on top but in.

There was a game I used to play as a kid.  It was called Perfection.  There were pieces in different shapes and a board with the corresponding shapes.  You would push the board down, then you had to get all the pieces in before time ran out. When time ran out the board popped and all the pieces would scatter.

I kind of hated this game.  It ticked like a bomb, and then it would pop with an unnecessarily loud noise. Anything short of perfection was failure, and I think this game gave me a complex.


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