Searching for Her Daughter in Modern Ways

As a birth mother, I have been involved in searching for my child.  I don’t mean just recently, either.  I started the search when she turned 18, over 25 years ago. 

Like much of our technology, even this process has changed significantly.  At some point early on, I joined a support group that met once a month.  This was helpful to learn how to search.  They helped instruct me on the next steps.  They also made a point of my being a birth mother as much of the group was adoptees.  I began to feel that I was more on display rather than a part of, so I left the group.  It’s unfortunate as the group was helpful and I did make some progress.

In today’s search method, DNA can play a big role.  I talk about the search and ask questions of everyone I meet involved with adoption.  Just in the past few months, I found two individuals that are adoptees and found their birth family through DNA results.  It’s amazing to me that this technology has come so far in such a short time.

I’m asking about this because I just received my very own DNA test kit!  It was actually free as the company was gifting members of the triad with just a simple written request.  I am very excited about the prospect of using DNA results to search for my daughter.  There’s more to this story, but you will have to check back with us for that!