Newer and Deeper Motivation

Every year I set myself the same goal – complete more placements than the prior year.
I’ll be honest, I am very driven and competitive when it comes to anything in life and that includes work, so it’s only natural that every year I want the most placements as well. It is also the most rewarding job you can have and the best feeling to know that you created so many families. 
Recently I had my first child, “Nico”. It was those weeks that I spent at home on maternity leave that were the best weeks of my life. I saw in a whole different light how life-changing it is to have your own family and also the joy that it brings. I never understood why so many parents would dread going back to work after family leave, but now I 100% get it as I struggled going back myself. 
Even to this day, I struggle every morning walking out that door, but when I look at Nico before I leave he is my constant reminder that I will be bringing that same joy to adoptive parents when I go to work and handle their adoption. 
He is my new motivation. So now even though I have the same goal of completing more placements, it’s not because I want to be number one in placements, but because everyone should experience that same joy!