A Few Snuggles in The In-between

Being so new to the agency, I thought picking my favorite adoption story would be difficult since I have only seen a handful completed and been hands-on with even less.
But there was one baby that I definitely grew attached to, baby Blair. Blair was born at 24 weeks gestation. Once her birth mother signed her consent, she was in the NICU all alone with just the nurses and staff visiting her occasionally.
Once I started with the agency, it was easy for me to just swing by the hospital a couple times a week to check up on her, get an update, and watch her grow like a weed! This quickly turned into me getting to know her usual nurses, therapists, and other specialists. When she was finally stable and big enough to be held, I was the first one to hold her and I spent 3 hours at the hospital holding and snuggling her because up until then, she had only ever been held for 30 minutes at a time by some of the nurses.
Once she finally had a family here to love on her, I didn’t get to visit her as much, but it was so beautiful to get to watch her family bond with her and love on her.
When the day came for her to finally get discharged, I shed a few tears of joy and got to snuggle her one last time before she went home with her new forever family to make a lifetime of memories.