A December of Birthdays

I was born on the 15th of December. I am one of several December Birthdays here at Heart of Adoptions. We have December babies among our attorneys, caseworkers, support staff, and at different offices.

I’m often asked what it’s like to have my Birthday so close to Christmas.  In truth, it has its ups and downs.

Some of the drawbacks are: it’s a tough time of year to schedule a birthday party. Your day is often lost in the shuffle. Whereas other times of year a Birthday is a good excuse to celebrate. Around this time of year, birthdays can sometimes become another task on a long to-do list.

(It should be noted that my parents always made my day special.)

Then there are people that try to pull off the combined Birthday/Christmas present.  I’ve always wondered if this worked for other birthdays.  Can I give you half of something and then promise you the rest 6 months later, on Christmas? 

Then there are the upsides.  Between late Birthday gifts and early Christmas gifts, sometimes it’s a few solid weeks of presents. Sometimes the Birthday/Christmas gift means it’s bigger than normal. And having a Birthday near Christmas has given me the excuse to throw myself a party on my Birthday disguised as a Christmas party.

It’s absurd, but I never really thought about what a December baby meant for my parents. Until this year.

I don’t really have a hand in casework anymore. It’s not in the scope of my job.  But this Holiday season I got to have a very small role at the start of an adoption plan for twins. Someone was getting twins for Christmas.  I imagined grandparents frantically going to target and buying two babies first stockings. Amazon prime orders for double cribs, bibs, and strollers flying through the Wi-Fi of the parents’ home. A crazy and exciting time. 

The closest thing I have to a Holiday baby is that my kiddo was newly home from the hospital around Thanksgiving. Even though we had the crazy sleepless time that comes with a newborn, I still get a cozy feeling every time I see turkeys and pumpkins.

Do our new December parents have a small sentimental thrill at the sight of every wreath and wrapping paper?

Crystal, another grown-up December child in our office, and I discussed some of the other benefits to having a December baby. When the babies are brand new there might be more family hands available to help. When they are older, the parents might have the freedom to be off from work on their child’s birthday.

And for those that are spiritual, I am sure it brings the image of a mother and child, a manger and a donkey in a far greater perspective.

With all the pros and cons of a December birthday I know 21 of our families that wouldn’t have it any other way this year. Twenty one families with a new stocking hung by the chimney with care, or sleepy eyes more likely. Twenty one families that will always think of a courageous birth mom this time of year. Twenty one families that will have a very different holiday card next year.

The holidays are about many things, especially the love between family. And this year for 21 families, there is a little more to love!