A Day of Encouragement in the Park

Our annual Adoptive Family Picnic was a lovely day at the park. This is a time when families in every stage of the adoption process can come out and spend time with each other.  They can talk and share their stories.  This event always provides community and encouragement.

This year we decided to hold a brunch picnic earlier in the day than usual.  We figured parents of small children are already up early, and we would do our best to squeeze it in before nap time.

The Chaos in My Head Also Known As The Matching Process

OK- I admit the title here is a wee bit dramatic- but to be honest my life has been a wee bit chaotic the last few months and I think it’s a good fit for how I am feeling- plus it probably grabbed your attention (so let’s hope I can keep it now- because this is a long one!!)

How Social Work Saved Me

I am lucky enough to be writing this blog during National Social Worker Month – a month when we honor the time, love, commitment, and overwhelming kindness that anyone who knows a social worker is lucky enough to experience.  While I think back on all the lovely women I’ve been lucky enough to work with, my mind inevitably turns to my own path and what being an adoption social worker means to me and has done for me. 

A Birth Mom's Journey

You would think that I would have something more to report on the DNA kit. Some things just take more time than we would like. The first kit would not activate; the second kit did activate but it took weeks for it to get to the lab. 

The Best Way to Honor St. Valentine

February 14th—Valentine’s Day—is most often associated with love, flowers, cards and of course, those delicious heart-shaped-message candies. While we all love to indulge in the love spread around on Valentine’s Day, do we understand the history behind it? Or better yet, do we celebrate in such a way to honor the history behind it?

Newer and Deeper Motivation

Every year I set myself the same goal – complete more placements than the prior year.
I’ll be honest, I am very driven and competitive when it comes to anything in life and that includes work, so it’s only natural that every year I want the most placements as well. It is also the most rewarding job you can have and the best feeling to know that you created so many families. 

A Day in the Life of the Adoptive Parent Coordinator

5:30 am- alarm goes off- snooze button hit multiple times…

6: 00 am- 2nd alarm goes off- snooze button hit multiple times….

6:25 am- 3rd alarm goes off- finally drag self out of bed- This is exciting getting to sleep in as my high-schooler is on winter break, so I don’t have to get up and take him to school!!

7:55 am- email from the owner about the website issue

8:08 am- drag self out of the house with coffee in hand to head to work

9:00 am- arrive at the office and start drinking coffee that was brought from home and fix the website

A Few Snuggles in The In-between

Being so new to the agency, I thought picking my favorite adoption story would be difficult since I have only seen a handful completed and been hands-on with even less.
But there was one baby that I definitely grew attached to, baby Blair. Blair was born at 24 weeks gestation. Once her birth mother signed her consent, she was in the NICU all alone with just the nurses and staff visiting her occasionally.


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