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2095 days.

It took me 2095 days  to finally becoming a mother.

2095 days. That's 299.43 weeks, 68.8 months and 5.74 years.

I did not picture it like this.
Normally you're pretty close in 9 months. In 40 weeks you are ready.
And hey, It was about 1 child only.
In these 68 months I could produce and give birth to a complete football team.
Unfortunately, it went differently. Sometimes things go like this.
Was it easy and would I do it again?
No. It was not easy and yes, I would do it again right away!

Glossary of Common Terms/Words Associated with Adoption

As professionals in the field of adoption we often throw around terms and acronyms that seem completely foreign to various members of the adoption triad. We thought it may be helpful to breakdown and give you a general explanation of some common terms/words/acronyms we use.

Adoption Triad or Adoption Triangle: A term used to describe the three-sided relationship that exists in an adoption between birth parents, adoptive parents and the adoptee, each of which is interrelated and inter-dependent on the others.


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